Internship : Safety & Security policy support/developer

Requirements of internship role
– Bachelor or Master student (preferably) in the field of safety, security and crisis management
– Needs to speak and write English fluently


From February – August ‘18
Start date and end date are negotiable. There is a maximum budget for the internship: Maximum of 3 months for max 2 days a week.
But this can also be changed individually, as an example: If you want a full time week, this is possible but then the internship will last one month max. The period and days are negotiable, as soon as the budget will be the same in the end.

Objective of the internship
The S&S team would like to engage a student in the development of the SSMP and CIMP. The SSMP is the priority of this internship and the CIMP is a secondary objective if time allows. Both documents are already developed in draft. Yet in order to meet our requirements (before June 18), we would like to see these documents updated and finalized. Please send your resume and motivation letter to
CARE Nederland – Vacancy Internship Safety & Security

€ 300,- a month for full time (this fee includes travel costs)

About CARE Nederland
CARE Nederland (CNL) is part of CARE, an international humanitarian aid and development organization. CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice. We support emergency relief and help communities to recover and grow more resilient; we address, together with communities, the complex causes of poverty and inequality, in fragile contexts; and we use the evidence, learning and innovation from our programmes to influence broader social change at significant scale. We believe in the inner strength of every human being.

Background and objective internship
In order to complete the CARE International Safety & Security requirements, CARE is obligated to develop and update a Safety and Security Management Plan (SSMP). Next to the SSMP, CARE aims to develop and update its Critical Incident Management Plan (CIMP).
1. The aim of the SSMP is to provide CARE Nederland with standardized Safety & Security procedures to:
• Prevent and minimise the effects of safety and security risks on CARE staff and assets
• Ensure CARE Nederland is well prepared to manage crises and critical incidents
2. If there is time (no priority) The CIMP is intended to create an appropriate level of preparedness for the risks that are associated with the deployment or visits of staff under the legal responsibility of CARE Nederland.