Research project – Schiedam Vital City

Brief description research project

To improve vitality and health of Schiedam citizens, the municipality of Schiedam aims to implement an integrated health policy in which cooperation within the health domain and between other domains (e.g. physical environment, education, culture, economy, social affairs) is central.

Starting point in shaping an integrated health policy for Schiedam is the model of Lalonde, which distinguishes between four influences on health:

1)            biological factors (heredity, gender);

2)            environmental factors (physical and social);

3)            accessibility of (care) facilities;

4)            lifestyle (attitude, knowledge, behaviour).

Important question for Schiedam is to determine which factor(s) of the model to focus on, taking interaction between the various factors into account. Thereof, a derivative research question is:

What is the relative contribution of the four influence areas of the Lalonde model on health?

This research question will be answered by conducting a literature search.

Apart from that, Schiedam is interested in an overview per neighbourhood of health-related activities offered by the local municipality and its chain partners to Schiedam citizens. For each activity, certain characteristics will be described, including reach, rationale and effectiveness (evidence-based, practice-based, well described, etc.) of the intervention. Derivative research questions:

Which health-related interventions are offered to Schiedam citizens?

What is the reach, rationale and effectiveness of these interventions?

Desk research and interviews with policy advisors and chain partners will be conducted to answer these questions.

Finally, research shows that it is difficult to reach people with a low socio-economic status for health-related interventions. The Rotterdam Water Campaign showed good results in reaching low-SES citizens by making use of social marketing principles (Kruitwagen-van de Gaar, 2017). To gain insight into the needs and motives of low-SES citizens in Schiedam, semi-structured interviews will be held (ca. 20, depending on saturation).

Central topics: What motivates you? What worries you? What irritates you? (in general and related to health behaviour). Also attention will be paid to the familiarity with health-related interventions, whether these fulfil their needs and how these could be improved.


Preferably during fall 2017 (starting end of September 2017)

Contact details

Gemeente Schiedam

Iris Horn, Msc, Programme manager & Gerda Rodenburg, PhD, strategic policy advisor

Team Zorg, Welzijn & Sport

Visiting adress:


Stadserf 1

3112 DZ Schiedam

Application procedure

Please send a motivation email with CV or call to express your motivation.

Iris Horn: / 010 – 219 1460

Gerda Rodenburg: / 010 – 219 1531