Open (research) internship at Finabel

Finabel is a Land Force Organisation comprised of 22 Member states of the European Union, and that promotes cooperation and interoperability between its Members.

The permanent secretariat based in Brussels offer unpaid internship opportunities for students of these following fields;

  • Political Sciences
  • International Relations
  • European Studies 
  • Informatics/Computer Science(cyber-security related domains, for instance)

The students must be at least in their second year and with a good knowledge of English. The intern will be assigned these tasks:

  • Administrative tasks: gathering of information related to any FINABEL’s activity
  • Write a paper on a specific topic related to FINABEL’s activities or domains of interest
  • Take part of the organization of any coming conference of FINABEL members States

The internship should at least last one month but the duration is very flexible. Moreover, it can be a part-time or a full-time internship. The schedules are flexible and it is entirely possible to adapt them to the preferences of the student.

The students that are interested can send their candidature (CV and Cover Letter) to Mario BLOKKEN ( This offer has no deadline therefore candidates can apply any time of the year.